On fair terms – the educational campaign of IWP, Repropol and ZAiKS is launched


On fair terms – the educational campaign of IWP, Repropol and ZAiKS is launched

Published: 01.10.2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Journalists and Publishers,

The Chamber of Press Publishers, SDiW Repropol and the Association of Authors ZAiKS join forces in the fight for fair remuneration for journalists for the use of their work by digital giants.

Through the action on nabezpiecznychwarunkach.pl, we want to show that as representatives of the environment and representatives of media people responsible for the future of the profession of publisher and journalist, we do not agree to the use of our work by online giants on terms that do not take into account fair remuneration for our work.

How can we change it?

By introducing the directive on copyright and related rights in the digital single market (DSM) into the Polish legal order, which is the responsibility of the Polish parliament and government.

The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSM) provides the legal basis for transparent terms for the distribution of profits that digital platforms achieve through our work. Unfortunately, the Polish government has been delaying its introduction for several years, despite the threat of penalties that we – taxpayers will pay.

ACTION SPOT On fair terms

How will journalists and publishers be paid?

The DSM Directive (from „digital single market”) is a law based on which publishers and journalists will be entitled to remuneration for the use of their press publications online on digital platforms (such as Google or Facebook) for a period of two years from the moment of publication of a given material.

Finally, the Directive grants press publishers a related right that other producers (of film, music, computer games, etc.) have long enjoyed. This will provide publishers with a return of part of the expenditure incurred on the production and publication of press content, will strengthen the economic situation of publishers, contributing to the maintenance of journalists’ jobs. Given that digital platforms make money from the content we create, transparent profit sharing is a fair deal.

That is why we are fighting for them and that is why we are appealing to you for help in publicizing the campaign and actively joining it: for texts, interviews, inquiries to politicians and everything that will allow us to motivate the Polish government and large digital platforms to pay fairly for our work.

We must stand up for our rights together. Let’s not be indifferent!

Action organizers:

Chamber of Press Publishers
SDiW Repropol
Association of Authors ZAiKS

More information and an educational spot: naprezentychwarunkach.pl

Contact us: kontakt@naprezentychwarunkach.pl

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