New authorities of collective management organization SDiW Repropol


New authorities of collective management organization SDiW Repropol

Published: 20.07.2023

The Association of Journalists and Publishers Repropol elected its authorities and programmed its activities during the General Meeting of Members, which took place on September 13 in Warsaw.

Grzegorz Cydejko, a journalist, economic columnist, manager and social activist, was elected president of Repropol. The outgoing president, Maciej Hoffman, became an honorary member of the Association.

Paweł Czajkowski from Agora, Damian Flisak from RASP, Ksenia Kakareko from the Department of Media Law at the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies of the University of Warsaw, Maciej J. Kowalski from „Nowy Wyszkowiak”, Rafał Mandes from Infor PL and representing the Chamber of Publishers were also elected to the board of Repropol. Presses Jacek Wojtas.

Marcin Celiński from the Arbitror Foundation, Magdalena Dulińska from Gremi Media, Maciej Hoffman, Izabela Marciniak representing Polska Press, Jędrzej Skrzypczak from the Adam Mickiewicz University and Piotr Zmelonek from „Polityka” will work in the audit committee of the Association.

SDiW Repropol is a collective management organization working for press publishers and journalists. It shares the reprographic fee among publishers and manages the rights to publications and press articles. Represents the industry in the legislative process and towards users of rights. He is preparing to manage related rights, including sharing remuneration for the economic use of these rights by online platforms.

– Big changes are coming for publishers and journalists related to the government’s legislative plans and the implementation of the Copyright Directive in the European single market. This change introduces related rights and the right of our sector to claim due remuneration for the use of the work of publishers and press creators by internet giants. That is why there is a growing interest in Repropol’s activities on the part of online publishers and journalists. More and more of them understand the benefits of the functioning of their collecting societies. We are all aware of the fact that acting in solidarity for the benefit of the environment and enforcing its rights will finally help to economically strengthen the sector of the Polish press, which is experiencing great difficulties, will support the circulation of information and exchange of opinions necessary in every democratic country, and finally will also strengthen the creative layer of society – said Grzegorz Cydejko, president of the Association of Journalists and Publishers Repropol.

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