Eligible publishers – not found – 2021 list


Eligible publishers – not found – 2021 list

Published: 20.07.2023

Ladies and Gentlemen,

having regard to the content of art. 40 point 2 in connection with art. 34 of the Act of June 15, 2018 on collective management of copyright and related rights

The Association of Journalists and Publishers Repropol publishes a list of publishers to whom we are unable to pay rights revenue

due to failure to establish or find the correct address of the entitled persons or their heirs or continuators, hoping that you can help us find or identify them.

The list includes, in accordance with the provisions of the Act:

a) titles of works or objects of related rights,

b) names and surnames, pseudonyms or names of authorized persons who have not been established or found,

(c) the names and surnames or names of the relevant publishers or producers.

We will be grateful if you provide us with any information about the title or publisher that may help us reach the rightholders and enable us to pay the remuneration.

SDiW Repropol

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